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Pain is not something that we generally want to go through, but short term pain can often lead to greater long term value if you manage it correctly.
Have you heard of Mint? If not, chances are you’re living in the dark ages when it comes to financial management. Reading on just about any personal finance blog, you’ll eventually come across Mint.
Want free flights using travel rewards credit cards? It involves 3 simple steps; have excellent credit, use the card, and find the best travel reward offers.
Many of us aren’t as efficient with our money as we’d like to be. As a result, it’s possible to be missing out on a better financial future. CNN Money identifies 10 of the most common financial leaks
In my first Women’s Power Wednesday #1, I highlighted four female bloggers who inspired me when I was the new Girl on the blogging block and the same four ladies continue to motivate me to be a bett
Is financial freedom a value that you've learned from family members or are the messages you've received from family hampering your views on money?
My work cellphone buzzed with an incoming call the other morning, and as I gazed down upon the display, I could see that the caller ID flashed a local area code and exchange that originated from some
If you are one of the millions of American women who love shoes, you are not alone. One study found that one in eight American women own more than 50 pairs of shoes, and 43 percent of women own betwe
When you are in the market for and researching car insurance rates, it is so easy to go for cheap coverage or a high deductible when both are among the biggest factors affecting your premiums. presen