Hello Friends. The last time I did a Random Ramblings was back in September 2013 (doesn
Buying a new car is exciting, that’s for sure. Paying for that excitement can be confusing however, with so many car finance options available.
Being frugal is hard, especially if you are the only frugal one in your clan. Between awkward conversations and assumptions, it isn't easy being different.
Have you heard of Betterment? If not, chances are you’re living in the financial dark ages. That’s OK; I’ll bring you the light. Betterment is an investment app that is marketed as the perfect option
Lifestyle inflation can easily get away from you and ruin a budget. However, at what level is lifestyle inflation ok and a justifiable in your budget?
In personal finance circles, many are interested in the way Millennials manage their money due to the fact that they are just getting into the workforce, or just getting ready to reach major mileston
Going on summer vacation is fun, but it can be expensive. I share some unique ways to save on your summer vacation but still have a blast on your trip.
My home insurance is coming up for renewal in a few weeks, and my insurer was kind enough to send a letter saying, “You better read how our water damage co
Now we have reached the Christian tradition of Lent, and for those who are religious, or just gluttons for punishment,  are looking for things to take up
Keeping up with your credit report is an important part of making sure that your finances are in proper order. However, the cost of looking at your credit report all the time can start to add up.