I almost never lose my temper with customer service reps, and it usually gets me what I want or at the very least closer to my goal. Whether we are talking about the cable company, cell phone companies, and most financial/credit card companies – I usually get what I want.
People often take their monthly bills for granted, not thinking about how they can cut back on those regular expenditures. Here’s how to save money on all your regular monthly bills.
As the Debt Movement surges along and we look to help give you ways to pay off debt, I gave WSL readers the opportunity to have me review (and analyze) their personal budget and goals. My hope with this is twofold: (1) help the particular individual/family and (2) help YOU find areas you can improve by seeing other peoples’ budgets along with the s
What makes a good customer for these types of businesses is completely different from what makes a good customer for a credit card issuer.
Why do you think financial change is so hard to achieve? In my experience, there are several reasons and I’ll explain the main culprits. The good news is that if you become aware of these obstacles, you can neutralize the roadblocks and go on to reinvent yourself successfully and permanently.
All of Discover’s credit card programs have been replaced with the new Discover it card, and the rewards program has been revamped. Here's how it works:
As human beings, we too often don’t act in our own best interest–and it’s perfectly natural, says behavioural economist Dilip Soman.
Discover decided to stop offering all of the credit cards they offered in 2012 and have switched to a single new card that easily beats every old credit card they offered. So what is this new Discover credit card and what makes it so awesome?
The whole topic of how much to tip has been done to death in my opinion, but are “the rules” always the same for everyone?
It can be tough to earn some money while you are attending university. Sure, you need money, but trying to balance a job with a full-time course load is a lot to handle. But there are ways to make money online, that won’t require you to work a lot of hours at a remote location