Tax season 2013 is underway, and it’s important that you realize that there have been some changes and delays to tax filing. On top of that, if you run a home business, you should be aware of the 1099-K form.
FreeTaxUSA is a tax software used to prepare and e-file your federal return for free and your state return for just $9.99! It is an original member of the IRS’ Free File Alliance, which is comprised of a group of tax software providers that allow individuals with an Adjusted Gross Income of $57,000 or less to file federal returns at no charge.
I was recently in New York City – my favorite place in the world – and the capital of the “living large” mentality. When I was walking through the airport I saw a book in the bookstore titled “Think Big”. Apparently it is a bestseller. Although the book might be a great read, something has always bothered me about that phrase.
It can be stressful on both parties when parents move in with their kids. Take a look at five strategies to help you keep the peace between parents and children.

If you are currently paying $50-$60 a month for 200+ channels you rarely watch did you know you have options? Here are 3 options that will not only save you money on your cable bill but can also actually improve your programming.
Splitting expenses is a often a touchy topic when you're living with a significant other, roommates or family. If everyone doesn't agree it can get pretty nasty fast.

There are a few ways to split expenses between yourself and those you live with but I'm going to highlight four of the most common ways today.
Tips and helpful resources to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft, and keep your identity your own.
You’ve seen it at the dealership: hot-headed consumers sparring with salesmen over cost and features until they’re red in the face. Many consumers feel like incessant badgering and violent arguments are the only ways to get a good deal on a new car, but psychologists tell us otherwise. According to, arguing during negotiations a
I wanted to share some valuable information with our Grocery Alerts readers about the popular Target loyalty program, Red Card. The Target Red card offers a flat five per cent discount on almost all purchases made with the chains debit or credit card.
Today I'm going to reveal on of my secret wealth goals. If I can conquer this goal, I should be financially independent and on my way to becoming wealth.