Did you ever change direction? I am not talking about driving directions or a modest little change! You know what I mean, an about face, turnaround, change of heart, flip-flop, metamorphosis, reorganization, u-turn, change of course or reversal. Progress is so much better, but sometimes you have to change direction to reach your goal.
I learned something yesterday that I figured I would share with my readers. Not sure how many of readers actually own Long Term Care Insurance but I learned something about yet another positive about it. Before getting into what I learned and want to share, a quick definition of long term care insurance.
Have you ever wondered why you can not reproduce the exact same results as someone else that you read about online even though you are following their “exact” same strategies?
This fiscal cliff, as it stands, leaves a big question mark on our economic future. The concern going forward lies with the possible effects of expiring tax cuts.
Panic sets in. You paid your credit card late. Will this affect your coveted credit score?!? See what many credit card companies consider a late payment for credit score purposes.
The Wall Street Journal has exposed the Black Friday deals myth as just that. In fact, for all the guilt-tripping over last minute Christmas gift shopping, the truth is that many items go down in price toward the end of the holiday season, as the initial rush slows.
When you are out looking to purchase your first home, the focus is on all the upfront costs. Make sure you get the whole story before committing to such a big purchase.
Financial repression is government manipulation that distorts the normal flow of capital. Here are solutions for the individual investor.
If you are in a rut, it’s critical to learn how to get and stay motivated in order to get the heck out of that ditch ASAP. Life is precious. Being motivated to move forward is what you were born to do.
My Lending Club returns increased to an all time high at 12.22%, while Lending Club has now issued over $1 billion in loans.