Personal finance money sayings and proverbs on being prepared, debt, wealth, investing, and the value of money.
I believe that one of the most underrated assets of any business is pride. Simple pride in your work can make all the difference. This goes from the smallest business owners to the biggest corporations in the world.
True story highlighting the importance of differentiating between knowledge and experience. Experience does not mean you know everything. It does, however, mean that you have a pretty good idea where to look and how to evaluate what you find.
Do you have a problem with your spouse’s credit card behavior? If so it’s not hard to imagine why. Some couples are so far apart on finances and spending that they find it difficult to make the credit card payments. The easiest place to both overspend and incur more debt is with those little pieces of magic plastic.
One of the terms that you might run across as you begin investing is “liquidity.” What is liquidity?
It must be great to be a landlord in most major Canadian cities these days. Other than the whole putting up with renters thing I mean. Your properties’ value have skyrocketed the last couple of decades, and rental vacancy rates are so low that you have a tremendous amount of leverage as far as finding new clientele.
We'll show you how to keep more tax money for yourself so you can invest it the way you want instead of getting a cheque in the spring.
Should someone sell their home after a job loss is a huge issue as it is the single largest asset most own we own. What would you do?
How much we earn from our money will determine how fast it grows. My husband and I have both learned that there are just some things that you can’t control. But it is nice to have a plan anyway.
If you are a parent with adult children living at home with you, you aren't alone. More and more "boomerang kids" - those that left to go to school or move out on their own at one point - are finding themselves living back home with their parents.