For a break we're going to talk about something that most students likely pay far more attention to than their finances – the NHL and its lockout.
The end of the year is a great time to start your tax planning. Get a head start on your tax savings with these year end tax tips.
People think the fiscal cliff is about the wealthy and their taxes. Truth is the fiscal cliff affects those who aren’t wealthy, especially the poor.
George Soros is one of the most interesting, inspiring, and influential investors of our time. From his upbringing during World War 2, to his large hedge fund positions that broke the Bank of England. George Soros is a self-made billionaire, hedge fund manager, philanthropist, and philosopher; certainly an individual we can learn from. This video
The showdown on the Fiscal Cliff looms at the end of the month, and the rhetoric continues to percolate for now, but I suspect as each week passes without a solution will cause more acidic and nasty commentaries from both sides of the U.S. government. So sit back, get some egg nog and enjoy the histrionics on CNN and Fox News, should be quite enter
Zhang Xin is a self-made billionaire that many in the west have never heard of. Zhang Xin went from being a penniless sweatshop worker in Hong Kong, to hoping on a plane with a one way ticket to London to get an education, then finding work as an investment banker, before coming full circle back to China to start leading property development firm S
To help people who were financially impacted by the storm, the IRS recently announced it was easing restrictions on withdrawals from retirement plans.
There are a variety of ways to save for college. One option is to use prepaid college plans. But what are they and are they a good deal?
Smart investors will need to know about these stock market holidays for 2013. No trading can be done if the market is closed.
Many people are excited by the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but there are actually many things that you can buy at a steal after Christmas