Raise your hand if you have ever felt guilty about your debt? It’s not a good feeling is it? So why is it so hard to ditch that debt guilt?
One of the more confusing tax forms for investments is form 1099-B. Tax lingo is part of the cause. It’s like a foreign language at first sight. The tax code, and changes to it, cause the rest. It’s
The wealthy have learned to build wealth by putting their efforts towards activities that will generate passive income.
Optimize your portfolio. When you rebalance a portfolio you consistently sell what’s working and buy more of what is not working; buying low and selling high.
The books are closed on another year, but that doesn't mean that you can't start planning your taxes better for the year to come. In fact, you might be better off if you look ahead.
President Obama recently announced MyRA, a new retirement plan that promises lower payment requirements. But is it for you?
Commonly overlooked tax deductions are easy to miss, but can be a nice help to your taxes. I share four of the more overlooked tax deductions not to miss.
No employee wants to be stuck in a cubicle all day or in a position that is not fulfilling. However, not everyone is capable of doing anything more than answering the phones or sweeping the floor.
Yesterday I wrote about how investing fear factors prevents a number of people from investing or investing as much money as they should.
We consider three good reasons and examine two common mistakes made by value investors when selling a stock.