More studies are coming out that are pointing out that thanks to Erectile Dysfunction medications (like Viagra) men seem to be getting healthier.

I said it, I meant it.
Our amigos at Stats Canada are saying that we are spending more time at work and less time with our families (for those unsure Tempus Fugit is Latin for Time Flees)
his past week we purchased yet another replacement Bar B Q at the Big Cajun Chateau (we get a new one every 4 years or so (if anyone can give me a method to make them last longer, feel free to leave a comment))
No, I am not continuing my discussions about Civil Servants and Pensions, I am going a little off-topic here with a personal event that occurred a while ago.
Stores will be closed (at least some will), Banks will be closed, there is no garbage pick up, however, all Federal Offices should be open, because no Federal Employee (in Canada that is) actually get this day off. I know there are few folks crying about this one, but it is actually fair, given we do get Remembrance Day off (or as we call it in Ott
Just in case you didn't keep your Financial New Year's resolution(s) you now have another chance with another new year, thanks to our friends in China.  The
How much to bury the ashes of my loved one? Holy crap!

The funeral industry seems to be taking a hint from the banking industry.
Barcelona, one of the world's most popular and liveliest cities deserves a separate post on how to enjoy it. Here is my guide to saving money in barcelona
While hockey used to be looked at as a great recreational game that allowed kids to have hours of fun, get their heart rate up, develop some positive character traits, and stay out of trouble, those themes seemed to have been pushed to the backburner in the all-encompassing effort to make it to “The Show”.
My community has an "everything goes trash night" once a year. Surprisingly, I enjoy knowing that my old stuff is going to get a 2nd life!