I love a nice cold beer. I also like the slightly warmer stuff the serve back home in the UK! There is nothing like opening up a bottle but it's better when it is cheaper!
Our author recounts her husband's frugal upbringing in Japan and how it helped them to afford college education for their kids,retirement, and more.

Apparently we’ve become so trained to ignore ads that some companies believe the only way we’ll pay attention to them is by giving us free stuff. (I’m guilty.)

At least that’s what Wrapp.com is counting on.

This is one of those stories that makes me want to get off my butt and take the dog for a walk!

So get this… a stay-at-home mom in the tiny town of Lotus, California recently found a meteorite while walking her dog that could be worth more than $20,000!
A new study at Washington University in St. Louis is looking for participants who would be willing to eat only fast food for 3 months! And they’re paying folks $3,500 to do it!

The researchers want to study obesity and why some overweight people develop certain diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular conditions.

Fly United Airlines? Then you need to check out the slew of benefits the United MileagePlus Explorer Card offers up to cardholders. See more in our review.

We use credit for almost everything these days. But many of us use them blindly without knowing exactly what a credit is. Catch up on credit card basics.

Waiting for the doctor. Waiting for the subway. Waiting for your Starbucks coffee.

One study suggests that on average, our waiting times add up to 62 minutes a day! That’s crazy!

So, how do you use this time?
TD Bank is running a cool promotion right now…

They’re giving $10 to kids who agree to read 10 books this summer.

What a cool way to encourage reading and saving money!

The promotion runs through September 29, 2012, so you have plenty of time on this.
How much time do you spend outside of a building vs. indoors? If you are like most, you spend a whole lot more time inside. Humans aren’t meant to be indoor animals. It is not good for us to be inside all of the time. Yet most people in developed countries spend most of their days indoors