While it’s possible to create a successful investment strategy by yourself, the flip side is that you can really mess things up by ignoring your investing plan.
One of the ways that savers are trying to make the most of a low-rate environment is to turn to high yield accounts. A variety of banks offer high yield accounts, and among the most competitive is CIT Bank.
While many consider “paying down debt” a vital resolution, many neglect retirement in their resolutions.
Even though it can be difficult to get excited about investing, the truth is that you can get started as an investor without breaking the bank. Here are 6 tips for the beginning investor.
One of the great things about an IRA is that you can hold a number of different investments in the account. While you can hold bonds, stocks, and cash in your IRA, it’s also possible to add even more asset classes to your IRA.
There are alternative investments that allow you to become a real estate investor. One option is to invest in real estate related stocks, and another is to invest in REITs.
When it comes to investing, it’s too easy to just sort of decide on an asset allocation and then stick with it for the next 30 years. One way you can change the way you think about investing is to divide your investments into “buckets.”
Chances are people know they’re not putting enough aside or they simply have no idea how much they will need to continue the life they lead and the one they want for the future.
Now is a good time to take a look at your portfolio, and declutter it a bit. Here are some tips that can help you.

One way you can reduce your taxable income is to sell losing investments and use the losses to offset some of your other investment gains.