While it’s nice to think that you could live into your 90s fairly easily, the reality is that longevity brings with it some other issues, especially when it comes to retirement planning.
One of the ways you can build an investment income stream is through the use of dividend stocks. When you own dividend stocks, you receive an extra payout from the company. As long as you own shares
We’re drawn to the idea of a safe investments because nobody likes to lose money. Over the past few years investors have turned to bonds, income stocks, and gold for safety. It paid off until now, be
Investing is full of ways to make money. Yet, despite what you may have heard, there are no safe investments. Anything you put your money into has risks. Whether its stocks, bonds, real estate, a bus
There is a new batch of ETF problems surfacing that you need to know about if you invest in Exchange Traded Funds. Even though ETFs are touted because of their very low fund fees, they may not be as
The Dow Jones Industrial average has closed at an all time high, and this begs the important question, is it time to buy? Is it time to sell? Is it time to do neither or both?
One of the things I have learned about working in the Technology world for over 20 years is that sometimes tunnel vision kicks in for decisions about what technology to use. I found a fascinating article in the Boston Globe by Leon Neyfakh that talks about how the Nuclear Reactor world is now technologically locked-in with a technology that was not
I have spoken with a few co-workers about what they are being advised to buy when they drop by their bank to top up their RRSP’s for 2012, and to no surprise every one was advised that what they should do is buy the Bank’s “Balanced” Mutual Fund just to be safe. One or two of them got told to buy a 5 year GIC as well, which also caused me to chuckl
Show me the Money? For those who have been reading for a while, I had to decide about whether to leave my pension in my former employer’s pension fund (which is under funded) or to take a cash settlement
I see that HBC has decided on $17 a share for its upcoming IPO, and when I read that I thought: “… well that is just fine, I don’t care if it’s 2 cents a share, I am not