Spooked by the cost of a university education for yourself or your child, there are well-paying jobs that don't require university degree.
College is riddled with unseen expenses that can leave students broke before they even hit midterms. Being smart and avoiding unnecessary spending can help you save money in college. Remember these five money saving strategies to stay comfortable without breaking the bank. Smart Grocery Shopping Skip the pizza and constant eating out.
Thursday was our quarterly meeting for work, where sales accomplishments and goals were discussed. One theme that echoed today was, you guessed it, Accountability Leads to Success. That sentiment is short and sweet…4 simple words whose truth have been proven over time.
Multiple careers are better than one! Imagine you were a milkman, elevator operator, switchboard operator and typist; you would be out of work! I remember attending my children's college orientation when the university chancellor said "we are not training you for a specific job, but for multiple careers".
It's probably true that nearly everyone has had a job that pushed them to the breaking point. When you've finally had enough, you quit and move on.
If you are having trouble finding a job upon graduation, should you consider going on to graduate school?
You always look for sources of career advice, and sometimes good sources will come as a surprise. They may even come in ways you never expected, like from superstar athletes
I’m sure that if you’re a young person in the job market today you’ve heard the cliché, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” about 1,001 times.
True story highlighting the importance of differentiating between knowledge and experience. Experience does not mean you know everything. It does, however, mean that you have a pretty good idea where to look and how to evaluate what you find.
Here are 45 of my favorite Zig Ziglar quotes. Ziglar, one of our top motivational speakers and a World War II veteran passed away yesterday at the age of 86. He left us with a legacy of timeless wisdom.