Android is a great service I use but I can’t purchase an Android app without using Google Wallet and I can’t leave a review without using Google+. That’s the type of heavy handed approach Google is taking. They want you in their garden now and they want to keep you there.
Strictly speaking I launched my business in May 2011 which was when I first decided that I wanted to quit my job. I started building my first website and the rest, as they say, is history.
This documentary looks at the sovereign debt crisis in Jamaica during the 1980's (one of many third world countries to run into trouble as easy foreign loans lead to wasteful spending and poor economic policy). Specifically the documentary takes a critique on the involvement of the international financial institutions; the IMF and the World Bank in
Let me just say it straight away: great product photography isn't easy to achieve. But here are some tips to help you take professional level photos without expensive gear.
In my opinion, every passing day sees the power of paid marketing diminish and the rise of content marketing continue. Hubspot’s claim that blogging trumps traditional marketing is well known amongst content marketers and there is some credence to the hype
After 82 years in business and no longer able to keep up with changing eating habits, Hostess has shut its doors. But have we seen the last of the Twinkie?
Relying on just one income is dangerous. Protect yourself and diversify your income by turning your interests into a side gig.
This documentary looks at Americas money vault - specifically, the Federal Reserve's giant underground gold bunker. The cameras follow 55 million dollars of gold into the vault and gives viewers an insight into how gold gets deposited at the US central bank. The video also takes a look at the gold dealing business, the printing of and transportatio
This BBC documentary takes a look at a time when banks and bankers were not under the spell of the "greed is good" mantra. A time where old-timey values such as shame, prudence, and thrift prevented bankers from acting irresponsibly. But the main thing the documentary looks at is the endemic practice of philanthropy, in fact large philanthropic
Consumer-protection and law-enforcement groups and better-business bureaus are reporting a growing number of phony job-recruitment and work-at-home schemes targeting desperate Americans looking for a way to pay the bills

How to Avoid Work at Home Scams