We’ve heard a lot about the gender pay gap in recent weeks. While there is debate over whether the pay gap really exists, there is little debate over the fact that women are more likely to live in po
Many small expenses can come together and drain away your income each month. These expenses sometimes go unnoticed because they seem insignificant when viewed individually.
Let’s make life simple for my return from vacation, and get back to basics, so let’s kind of head towards Jeopardy’s model, and here is the answer that you
It’s been a bit of a busy week so here is an important post I did a while ago about why men are idiots when it comes to doctors and how Viagra might save a
One of my first real articles I wrote when I started out was Rule of 72 (more Einstein Finance), where I talked about the Rule of 72, which is a simple heu
Finding the best online brokerage for you may take some research. Having worked in the industry before, I share the tips of what to look for in a broker.
After a few days off this week, helping celebrate my middle daughter’s graduation from the University of Acadia, I have returned, refreshed with some diff
Before you decide to open an online account and use it for your primary checking, it’s important to consider the following items:
When it comes to buying a home, some consumers don’t worry too much about the mortgage rate. But, getting the best rate could save you thousands.
The new economy involves crowdsourcing, and you need to consider how it might figure in your career.